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99 Christian Camp Road Ona, WV 25545

Phone: 304-743-4332

Top 10 Things to Know

Top 10 Things you Need to Know about Camp:

  1. Campers are encouraged to attend as many age applicable weeks as they wish.  Sign up early, we max out at 125 campers (saving 40 beds for faculty adults).  Most churches offer to pay a portion of the campers tuition (many pay half the early rate).  If scholarship assistance is needed, please email or call our office.
  2.  The Cost for your week of camp includes the camp program, 14 hot meals, lodging, 8×10 picture, & camp T-shirt. Extra money is needed to pay for canteen debit accounts (cash will not be accepted at canteen) during Sunday Registration and for daily missions offering or camp store purchases.
  3. Early Bird Discounts: For full weeks Pay $40 Deposit, Save $40 on parent portion between Feb. 1st and April 22nd.  Save $20 on Full Weeks from April 22nd – May 31st.
  4. Pre-register: Campers who register by April 22nd, help us plan and we want to reward you for signing up early. Campers who register by April 22nd will be rewarded by being first in line on Sunday, will receive 1st choice of bunks, and be guaranteed the correct T-shirt size. Our max campers per week is 125, to allow beds for faculty, so register early!
  5. Sunday Registration for full weeks runs from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. Pre-registered campers will be registered first. Dorms will not open before 4:00 and you must register before our staff can allow you into the dorms.  Day Campers come Saturday at 9;30 – 10:00 am to check in and Program runs from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Special camps like paintball, upward, and others, check confirmation email for check in details).
  6. Late Registrations (Starting June 1st) and Walk-On’s: Starting at 4;40 p.m. we will check in late registrations and accept walk-on’s as there is space available. We cannot guarantee or save bunks until our pre-registered campers are registered. If camp is sold out, spaces will only be available is pre-registered campers don’t show by 5:00 p.m.
  7. Pickup times: Friday @ 12:00 noon for full weeks of camp.   First Chance Camp will be at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday.  Saturday Day Camps is 4:00 pm. (Paintball camp, Upward, and other speciality camps check Facebook page or parent emails for details on pickup times).
  8. Mail: You may send mail to your camper, but please no phone calls or emails. Please send mail early in your child’s week to guarantee delivery before they leave.
  9. Visitor Policy: HMCA encourages visitors to be the exception rather than the rule during camp. They cause major distractions to campers and most times cause more harm than good. If you must visit, for the safety of all our campers, please follow the camp visitor policy and sign in at the office. Our gate locks at 11:00 pm at night for the safety of our guests and facilities.
  10. Volunteers: If you would like to help during summer camp as a counselor, teacher, or kitchen volunteer, you MUST contact the camp before your week of camp to check on availability and need at least 4 weeks before their week of camp. All volunteers working with children will be required to allow a background check and fill out an online faculty volunteer application @ least 4 weeks before camp beginsClick here to go to the application.