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Paintball Course: Construction Zone

Click here to download HMCA Paintball Waiver 

We have created a great deal of excitement with our NEW paintball course. All participants who are at least 11 years old may play in combat games. Paintball, while scary for the first time player, is a very safe game when rules are followed. Our staff has been trained in the National Standard Safety rules and our director attended a 4 day seminar on the safety of paintball before we added our course to camp. Our insurance company tells us that more kids are hurt playing basketball and volleyball at camp than playing paintball. Also the paint we use is completely biodegradable and washable from clothes.

paintball12You may ask, “How can Christians play Paintball?” I believe when done with a teaching lesson and with the right direction, it’s a very positive influence on campers. I think of paintball as Dodge ball on steroids. We use paintball markers to “mark our friends”. It also allows us to use an activity to help our campers grow in their faith, grow closer as a family group, and get us out of our comfort zone.

With our Construction Zone theme, I also like to tie in to the game a Biblical lesson. While a game in itself can be fun, we try to create an experience at camp that can be a meaningful life lesson. The same way a master builder or architect can see the finished project before it even begins, God has a plan for our lives and knows our full potential. He desires for us to continually grow in our faith and finish the race. We in a way, are HIS work in progress.

paintball18I encourage participants to bring one set of pants and long sleeves to play in to help reduce pain or bruising with close range marks. Paintballs may leave a small bruise if hit at close range, but is safely played at the national safety ranges @ 250 to 280 feet per second on the markers. Camp will provide all the safety masks, paintball markers, and equipment. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call camp or email me. The waiver you signed on the camper form included the permission to play paintball, swim, canoe, and participate in camp activities.