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Howell’s Mill Partners with KCU

hm-kcu-logoThis year HMCA and Kentucky Christian University took steps to strengthen and breathe new life into a partnership that actually dates back to the 1950’s. For about seven years in the early 1950’s, before our camp property was purchased, KCU held church camp on their campus. Following the move to our current location KCU camp teams, faculty and staff were very involved with HMCA programs and events.

In 2010 KCU President Dr. Jeff Metcalf and his administrative team took the initiative to work with HMCA to find ways we can more effectively support our respective ministries as well as better partner with local churches. Here are 3 of the key points of this renewed HMCA/KCU partnership:

  • HMCA will host team building and other types of retreats for KCU ministry classes, athletic teams and camp teams. We have a unique property that lends itself to very effective development retreats and KCU has already demonstrated a desire to capitalize on our resources. This also helps KCU students gain valuable experience in a Christian camp setting. In exchange for HMCA making its facility available for these retreats, a mutually beneficial cost sharing arrangement has been reached with the University that makes it possible for HMCA to receiving free KCU Print shop services for many of its printed material needs. HMCA has been using the KCU Print Shop for years and this new arrangement significantly reduces our printing costs.
  • Students who attend a high school week of camp at HMCA while KCU camp teams are present will receive a $250/year KCU scholarship. If they attend all 4 years at HMCA, they can receive a max $1,000 Scholarship award to attend KCU!
  • KCU Camp Teams and Ministry Majors will serve during HMCA camp programs throughout the year in various ways. This will help them gain valuable camp experience and Christian service opportunities. For more information, check out the support links on the camp’s website or by visiting
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