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Needs List

(Thank you for your help!!!)

Resources are the biggest way to keep camp cost low & our expectations high !

(These items can be donated new,  used in good condition, or you can send a money toward the purchase of it. Your gift of any kind is also tax deductible!)

HMCA Top 10 Wish/Needs list 2018-2020

  1. New Monthly VIP Members ($10, $20, $30 a month)
  2. Air Conditioners that are Near Replacement (3 in Gym 1994 models, 3 at Cabins)
  3. New LED Lights and Energy Upgrades for Gym & Dining Hall ($7,500)
  4. Refinish & Seal Dining Hall Concrete Floors.
  5. Maintenance Shop Reshingled in next 2 years.
  6. (2) Sub Woofers for Gym Sound System ($1,200 each)
  7. Wifi Security Cameras for the Property ($2,500)
  8. Donations to our Camper Scholarship Fund ($200/camper)
  9. Sewage Router to Unclog $600
  10. Snow Plow for Truck

***Pay down the debt from 2012 housing projects (owe $44,000 as of Dec. 2017). ***

Running needs/ “wish” list for HMCA

HMCA running needs list PDF Link


Security cameras around camp
(4) water station stands (200 ea)
(2) drinking / water fountains

Special needs:

($ donated) for concrete ramp to picnic shelter ($200)
craft supplies
(2) football helmets or helmets with face mask for a game called human bowling
(2-4) Kayaks for dock / teens


Kayaks, Paddle Boards for River $250-$300 each

Small Pool water slide ($3,300-6,700)

Soccer Net ($200 ea)
Adding pond to lower side of property for fishing, canoeing

Supplies: Always needed!

(See church donation list on web page or news letter )

Wasp spraytoilet bowl cleanerweed/grass killerpaper towelsLysol
Baking soda for poolcerealdisposable ice packs


  • Any Misc. hand tools
  • (2) Fiberglass handle ax ($25 ea)
  • (3-5) Fiberglass round nose shovel ($30 ea)
  • John deer gator cab ($4-5000)
  • (1) Scaffolding ($300)
  • (3-4) Closet auger toilet router ($40 ea)

Tools Cont.

  • Adjustable wrenches
  • several channel locks ($15-51)
  • Torque wrench ($225)
  • Nipple extractor set ($115)
  • Chain saws
  • (1-2) Electric chain saw ($50-75 ea)
  • Measuring wheel ($75)
  • SDS Hammer drill small-($200) large- ($300)
  • Hydraulic wood splitter ($1200)
  • Commercial chipper
  • Electric hand plainer
  • Snow plow for our truck
  • (3) sets of nut drivers ($40ea)
  • 24 foot fiberglass extension ladder
  • 8 foot fiberglass step ladders ($60-100)
  • LED work lights
  • Bolt cutters ($40)
  • Commercial Power washer ($300-400)
  • Pallet jack
  • sockets for stripped bolts
  • Screw extractor sets ($120)
  • Chain hoist for beam ($400)
  • Compound miter saw
  • Forks to clamp on our tractor
  • Bench Vice($100-300)
  • Pipe threader set NPT 1/2-2” ($900)
  • Pipe treader tripod stand & bucket ($600)
  • Large air compressor
  • Snow blower
  • Commercial weed-eaters


Lots Blue spruce pine trees for wind blocks
Small flowering trees and shrubs
Any perennial flowers/ grasses (you can divide from your own yard)
Landscape art or decorations
Large boulders/ rocks
clean dirt/ fill
Rubber mulch (must be rubber by buildings to prevent termites) we use free wood mulch every where else

Professional skills needed:

Carpenter, cabinetry, tile, masonry, small engine repair


Play ground equipment (call Tim Hall 304-743-4332)
(5) new picnic tables (we make on site for $75 each)
Giant inflatable jump pillow ($15,000) this is a permanent inflatable that holds up to 40 people at one time and
installed by company)
Giant water slide fabric   ($2500)
(4) Alum portable bleachers ($5,000 ea)


Portable crib
(10) Rockers for gym porch
(4) small patio chair and  table sets for cabins (metal or wood)
couches /chairs for dorms or cabins
(10-20) Exterior Wood rocking chairs for Gym porch


MicrowavesDVD playersSmall refrigeratorsDeep freezers

Please contact me at the camp with any questions or arrangements that need to be made. Thank you so much for helping the camp!
Tim Hall
Facilities Director
304-743-4332 ext. 302